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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Frankensong (IT'S ALIVE!)

Aside from running SpinTunes yall know I also follow other songwriting competitions. Well Charlie McCarron (one of the SpinTunes competitors) has started a new project that I'll be following. It's more of a collaborative project than competitive, but sounds interesting. I'll try to explain, but you can get a better idea of what's going on by visiting the website Charlie created for the contest (Frankensong).

Charlie created 5 teams of songwriters consisting of 4-5 people. Each of the teams will be given the same beginning bare bones track to work with. During the first week of the contest 1 member of each team is allowed to create a track to layer onto the beginning track. During the second week someone else on the team gets to create a layer. In the end everyone on the team will have added a layer to the track. The final stage is mixing, and then a listening party on U-Stream. Since it's not really about competing there won't be any prizes other than a couple titles. The most important one would seem to be "Dr. Frankenstein Award" for the best overall track (Charlie's favorite).

Charlie picked Team Captains & Recording Order randomly on YouTube. The teams were created AutoDraft style (for those into fantasy sports, you know what that means) by lists the captains made up.

I made a Frankensong Twitter List of everyone in the contest...or at least everyone I could find on Twitter that's in the contest. If you're one of the competitors, and I missed you...hit me up with your @TwitterHandle.

I'll be reviewing all the songs when this project is over & picking my favorite entry. Just for fun I thought I'd attempt to guess which would be my favorite before the contest even starts. After reading the individual bios & looking at the teams it's hard to say who will get the Spintown Seal Of Approval. I'm only familiar with 1 person on Team 2 & nobody on Team 5...so those are kinda toss ups. I think my pick for favorite to win will be Team 3. They have the SpinTunes #1 champion & Chris Cogott who was a beast in SpinTunes #2. Along with a strong captain & 2 other talented individuals...that's going to be my pick. I'll list the teams below, but I suggest you go to the Frankensong website to learn more.

Team 1:
1.Bryce Jensen - Recording due Jan. 16th
2.Graham Porter - Recording due Jan. 23rd
3.Bram Tant - Recording due Jan. 30th
4.Joe Covenant - Recording due Feb. 6th
5.Denise Hudson - Recording due Feb. 13th (Captain)

Team 2:
1.Ryan Ruff Smith - Recording due Jan. 16th
2.Matt Schubbe - Recording due Jan. 23rd
3.Robert Carmichael - Recording due Jan. 30th
4.Stripes on Stripes - Recording due Feb. 6th
5.Reese Mankenberg - Recording due Feb. 13th (Captain)

Team 3:
1.Chris Cogott - Recording due Jan. 16th
2.Kevin Savino-Riker - Recording due Jan. 23rd
3.Gorbzilla - Recording due Jan. 30th
4.Jason P. Schumacher - Recording due Feb. 6th
5.The Boffo Yux Dudes - Recording due Feb. 13th (Captain)

Team 4:
1.Edric Haleen - Recording due Jan. 16th (Captain)
2.JoAnn Abbott - Recording due Jan. 23rd
3.The Offhand Band - Recording due Jan. 30th
4.Gweebol - Recording due Feb. 6th

Team 5:
1.Brett Thompson - Recording due Jan. 16th (Captain)
2.Matt Mahler - Recording due Jan. 23rd
3.Nick Syman - Recording due Jan. 30th
4.Andy Price - Recording due Feb. 6th


  1. Thanks for the writeup Travis! Agreed, Team 3 is going to be hard to beat as far as sheer production skill goes! I'm excited to see what all these teams come up with. Could be VERY different stylistically.

    And a fun sidenote on Team 5: three of the members were actually in a high school band together at one time, called Brad Halen, with the hit single "Maul Your Heart". Their sole internet presence was on Geocities...

  2. I'm really excited to see how everyone's Frankensongs turn out... I think we (team 1) are doing pretty well, but it'll depend on what the last two people do, though they might be the "best" musicians/songwriters of our group anyway, so I'm hoping they'll turn it into something great.