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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Song Fight Review: Via Sunderland

The last challenge over at Song Fight was titled "Cakes", and my favorite song was from Jon Wilson. Derictello (who I voted for, but had 4th) ended up getting the win. Overall it was a great fight, but I can't say the same thing about the current one. The new batch of songs can be found over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round. My picks are listed below:

Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

Na Style Jaa - I enjoyed this a lot. The flow was nice, and I could actually make out most of the lyrics...unlike a lot of rap in Song Fight. There were a couple lines I really hated, like rhyming "didn't know it" with "poet". The lack of creativity in using a line like that annoys me when I'm enjoying most of a song. You're still the hands down winner in what was a lackluster fight in my opinion.

(Head over to Song Fight to listen to these songs.)

The Dinnertime Boys - I could never vote for something like this without lyrics. In no way does it meet the challenge, but in all honesty I enjoyed it.

Naked Philosophy - Alright, but in this group it seems like a masterpiece. Lyrics didn't really grab me, but the music wasn't bad. The song felt very repetitive despite being short. So that's probably not good.

Side Notes:
The previous fight was a lot of fun, but this one left me extremely disappointed. I was hoping for Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior & got Doink The Clown vs Goldust.

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