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Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Be Happy (1957)

Not a bad movie...just not good...pretty average musical. It's Vera-Ellen's last big role, and I think she's adorable...as usual. Her character inherits a small some of money, and she decides to go on vacation to Edinburgh to live it up. There she finds 2 men that are both interested in her for different reasons. The only other star in this film is Tony Martin, and his character eventually wins the girl. Don't seek this film out, but if you happen to see it on TV, it's not a bad flick if you like musicals.

I couldn't find jack shit about "Let's Be Happy" on YouTube. But I decided to post some of Vera's routines from other films. After all, she's an Ohio girl, gotta show the girl a little love.

"Dancing is like breathing -- missing a day doing either is very bad." - Vera-Ellen
So In Love
This is a great tap number from her first film, "Wonder Man".

Something To Dance About
This is from "Call Me Madam" with Donald O'Connor.

Vera-Ellen & John Brascia dancing together in "White Christmas".


  1. Hi....Love this posting.....Vera-Ellen was a
    friend. I have one of two of the largest coll-
    ections of Vera-Ellen memorabalia. Have you read
    David Soren's book VERA-ELLEN: The Magic and The
    Mystery? My personal photos of V-E in the days
    after her film career are in the book.

    Bill Dennington

  2. Glad you liked the post, and I have not read the book. I don't read much on the old days of Hollywood, mainly just watch a lot of older films on TCM & similar channels. Have enjoyed Vera-Ellen in everything I've seen her in for the most part though.

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting. It's always fun to get visitors with stories like yours.

  3. Odd coincidence... I watched that number from "Wonder Man" the day before you posted this. Vera-Ellen was indeed awesome.