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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Songwriting Clubs

Aside from running my own songwriting contest (SpinTunes), you might have noticed that I enjoy following others. The first I ever stumbled onto was Song Fight, but the first I ever really got into was Masters Of Song Fu. Later I started following Song Fight again, and eventually Nur Ein. Recently Jonathan Mann uploaded a video that pointed me in the direction of a couple songwriting clubs I hadn't heard of: KC Turner Songwriting Club & The Song Club. Unlike the others I already mentioned, these are more laid back challenges & don't involve any real competition. So if you're not into competition, but still want someone else to provide the inspiration, you might want to check them out.

KC Turner Songwriting Club - This is like a cross between Song Fight & The White Elephant Music Club. It's a simple title based weekly challenge (like Song Fight), but it's run on Facebook (like The White Elephant Music Club). I would like to follow this project, but I honestly don't think I will if the only way to follow along is on Facebook (I hate Facebook). I know KC has a YouTube channel, and that the submissions are turned in via a YouTube performance (not the typical MP3 or audio file), so I'm hoping KC is willing to make a weekly playlist of the entries. Better yet a channel just for the club? Having a video submission is a nice twist, but it does make it a little more complicated for people to enter.

Oh, and one detail that makes this title based challenge better than Song Fight's, is that the title has to be used in the song.

The Song Club - Doesn't have a big following at this point, and it's about as laid back as you can get. It's not title based, but it does give you a theme each week. You submit your song via e-mail in MP3 form, and the webmaster puts direct links to the songs in a blog post. It's run on Blogger (I love Blogger), so I will definitely keep an eye on this project. There isn't enough entries each week to merit me reviewing each round as I do with Song Fight, Masters Of Song Fu, Nur Ein & SpinTunes. If I see something that I really like expect me to tweet about it...maybe a blog once in awhile.

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This is the video in which Jonathan Mann points out different songwriting contests & clubs. It's at the end of the video.

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  1. Awesome!!!! I had no idea there were so many song writing clubs out there.