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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lake Of The Flowers #AndEdric

Dave Leigh shadowed all of SpinTunes #1 (as Dr. Lindyke) & was a judge in SpinTunes #2. He recently posted 2 things I wanted to mention. The first is a shirt he designed for Edric Haleen fans. If you don't know who Edric is, he's a talented & geeky musician who has competed in both SpinTunes. To learn more about Edric & to see the shirt Dave designed just click the link: http://music.cratchit.org/2011/02/andedric.html

Lazy Listener
Dave also posted a new demo he did with his songwriting partner William Hoover (together they go by Dr. Lindyke). My initial reaction was positive, but before bothering to even read the lyrics I tweeted Dave to ask what it was about. Afterwards I felt like an twit for asking, I've said numerous times I don't like ambiguity in lyrics, but this was pretty clear. I was just being a lazy listener. What's that mean? Well I was on Twitter going through various lists, I had the TV on watching news updates scroll across the bottom of the screen, and I had the song playing as well. In short, I just didn't give it the attention I should have. Just sort of bobbing my head along to it while doing other things.

I find myself doing this a lot lately. Sometimes I listen to 100+ new songs a day (if you include covers), and I often find myself multi tasking through the dozens of videos & MP3's. I wonder how many songs I just blew off because I was missing something right in front of me? Probably a lot, especially on YouTube since (like most) you only have about 15 seconds to grab my attention in some way. After that 15 seconds... *click* ...I'm off to the next video in my inbox.

I'm going to attempt to be a better listener in the future. I may not give you longer than 15 seconds, but for 15 seconds I'm gonna focus. ;p Below is an embed of Dr. Lindyke song I mentioned, and below that is my interpretation of it. If I'm wrong...just ignore everything I wrote today. (as if most of you didn't already) :p

Man used to live in a big city, and got fed up with it. Took a trip to a lake (that had flowers), and time no longer felt like punishment & started to fly by. He was reinvigorated by the new environment.

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