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Monday, February 7, 2011

Periodic Table Of Geek Musicians

Dave Leigh is starting an interesting project to raise money for the Rite Care Centers For Childhood Language Disabilities. The project is called The Periodic Table Of Geek Musicians, and I'll just let Dave explain it...

Hello, all...

I'm Dave Leigh, aka the vocal half of the songwriting team Dr. Lindyke. While not programming or writing songs, I also spend a portion of my free time supporting a charity called Rite Care Centers For Childhood Language Disabilities. Rite Care provides speech and language therapy to pre-school children at absolutely no cost whatsoever to their parents, insurance companies, or the government. It's funded entirely by members of the Scottish Rite through fund-raising project (not all of which are as harebrained as this one).

YES, this is a fund-raising project. But more than that, I'm hoping it will be a FUN-raising project! A while back I had an idea to create a "Periodic Table of Geek Musicians", and set about doing just that. I actually have the table. But I think we can have a little more fun with it than just having me put the names in the boxes. A few days back, I created some swag for Edric Haleen. It was a joke, and I really didn't expect to sell any; however, I have sold a few T-shirts, and Edric was gracious enough to allow me to donate the proceeds to Rite Care. So what I want to do is this...

If you're an independent musician with any kind of presence on the web, and you would like to be on the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians, sign up. Give me permission to create a T-shirt, a mug... some kind of salable item. I'll take care of the design, the fulfillment, the shipping, everything. All you need to do is give me permission, and Rite Care will be able to use the proceeds to pay trained therapists to assist the kids who need it. This is really critical work... a child who can't communicate gets left behind in school and rejected by his peers. Many of them wind up dropping out. By taking care of this problem early, you can change a life for the better. You'll also have some great swag that you can point your fans to. I will do my best design work for you, free of charge. These particular designs will only be available here. Of course, if you'd rather we just use a design that you yourself provide, then absolutely... whatever you want!
You can get more info from the website Dave set up, and you can see the table Dave will slowly be adding names to. I think he's planning on doing 1 or 2 boxes a week, so it should be fun to follow along with.

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