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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hxaro Guide: Part 1

For those not very familiar with Song Fight, I should probably give you the definition of Hxaro. Here's the definition as posted by Song Fight:

"Hxaro" (pronounced "schwar-o") is a term that, in the world of songfight!, means one songfighter recording a cover version of another songfighter's song. Sometimes this is done as part of an organized coverfight or tribute; other times someone just decides to cover another person's song just for the fun of it.
Ok, now that you know what it is, you should know that there are over 250 of these covers over in the Hxaro archive. I forget the exact number, but I downloaded everything there was. It took awhile to listen to everything, and I did it over a course of 3 very long listening sessions. After those 3 sessions I had the field narrowed to 64 songs that I was willing to listen to a 2nd time. I decided I'd narrow the field just a bit more, then post my favorite covers over the course of 3 blog posts.

This first batch of songs do not represent all my favorite songs from the archive, they are simply the first 18 (alphabetically by artist doing the covering) that I had left in my "keeper" folder. My favorites from these 18 tracks are linked to so that you can listen to the cover for yourself, as well as the original. The others you should look up in the archive for yourself.

Run Free
Glenn Case covering Frankie Big Face

Level Best
Glenn Case covering King Arthur

World Of Screens
Deshead covering 15-16 Puzzle

Red Flag
Balls To Monte covering King Arthur

Wedding Song
Caravan Ray covering Billy's Little Trip

Glenn Case covering King Arthur

Crack In My Heart
Deshead covering Steve Durand

Here Comes My Dragon
Cow Exchange covering Rabid Garfunkel

Rockopolousaninjananophone Eternal
Cow Exchange covering Glenn Case

Outside Paradise
Caravan Ray & Flvxxvm Flvvrm covering Hell Yeahs

Back To The Airplanes
Brother Machine covering 15-16 Puzzle

Hands Up
Bell Green covering Johnny Cashpoint

Stronger Than
Duboce Triangle covering John Benjamin Band

Don't You
Caravan Ray And The Dirty Croutons covering Rone Rivendale

Dirty Chucks
Balls To Monte covering Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff

I Love You
Brick Pig covering Gil Sans

Thanks For Coming
Deshead covering Jack Shite

Mumbo Jumbo
Eight Legged Oedipus covering The Def Author

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