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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mother Wore Tights (1947)

"Mother Wore Tights" stars Dan Daily & Betty Grable as a couple who meets on vaudeville. The movie is about them falling in love, marrying, and then about them raising 2 young girls while maintaining their careers. The song & dance numbers (even if they weren't jaw dropping) were all fun, and it might be my favorite Betty Gable movie I've seen thus far. (although that's not saying much) The only number I really didn't care for was Betty's "Burlington Bertie From Bow". I enjoyed Dan's a lot, but Betty's just bored me.

William Frawley (of "I Love Lucy") had a small role in the beginning of the film, and Mae Marsh makes an appearance. Other than that I wasn't blown away by the supporting cast. Not much star power, and nobody really stood out.

I was only able to find 2 numbers from the film on YouTube, but I'm including 2 versions of ""Burlington Bertie From Bow" from other sources.

"We're A Couple Of Broadway Brothers" & "Kokomo, Indiana" by Dan Dailey & Betty Grable

You Do by Betty Grable

Burlington Bertie From Bow by Julie Andrews (from "Star")

Burlington Bertie From Bow from The Muppet Show

"Twentieth Century-Fox had wanted either James Cagney or Fred Astaire to play the role of song-and-dance man Frank Burt. After negotiations with Mr. Astaire fell through, Betty Grable requested John Payne.." - IMDB
I think Dan was the best choice...even over Fred.

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