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Sunday, July 26, 2009

YouTrax 23

Before I talk about the latest episode of YouTrax, I want to mention something that happened a month or so ago. In this blog I mentioned something about how I didn't enjoy the guests that YouTrax had on for a couple weeks. Well I got a reply from YouTrax saying they didn't appreciate that statement. My response to that will always be, "Then get some talent for your next show". The last show was pretty good, but I really enjoyed the most recent episode I'm featuring today. Not only do the singers have talent, but they were unknown to me. After watching the show I subscribed to Brittany Lee-Ann & Laura Broad on YouTube. To check out past episodes of YouTrax (the good & bad) CLICK HERE.

Virtual Girlfriend
Here's an original song from Laura Broad.

Edge Of The Universe
YouTuber 'ReinaDelCid' uploaded a great original song yesterday.

The Deer And The Cat
I almost hit a deer today, so maybe Jonathan Mann can write a song called "The Deer And The Car"?

Mystery Train
"Washboard Chaz & Roberto Luti combine their talents to create this New Orlean's version of a 1953 classic."

Jake & Amir (live)
My favorite episodes are the ones in which Amir tries to rap, and it's even better live.

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