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Friday, July 10, 2009

Fred Drives Me Crazy!

Spintown News:
I've got some good news from Song Fu. It was revealed that Berg And Jerry would be going up against Molly Lewis in the final challenge. I was disappointed at the start of this tournament because I thought Molly was going to be a regular constestant. This makes up for that disappointment a little. The challenge was also revealed:

"Write a song about a journey. This journey must include 3 main characters. Your song can be in any style you choose....That’s it. The only other directive is that your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 4 seconds."
Fred Drives Me Crazy!
Dave Days & I have 1 thing in common....we dislike Fred videos.

The Girl At The Video Game Store
"Parry Gripp celebrates Attack of the Show's 1000th episode with a very special music video." Hopefully this doesn't get taken down too soon, since it isn't from a G4 related channel. If the embed stops working just CLICK HERE to watch it at the G4 website.

We Gamin'
This isn't just a funny nerd rap, but it also contains some pretty cool references for videogame nerds.

Beat It
YouTuber 'mattrach' made a Michael Jackson tribute that rocks.

Like A Douche?
Hot For Words spreads some interesting knowledge when you actually listen to her, and not just stare at her chest. In this latest video, she talks about something music related.

This Boy
YouTubers 'jun626' & 'jamesnorthernva' team up for a cool colab.

One-Man Rap
I don't mind YouTubers pimping their products as long as they're creative about it. Tom Milsom gives us a good example of what I'm talking about.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Doug Payne just uploaded a new video. CLICK HERE FOR Rain On The Parade

2. I don't like the song much, but I enjoyed this Martin Solveig music video featuring Dragonette. CLICK HERE FOR Boys & Girls

3. Meghan Tonjes & Mike Falzone team up to cover one of my favorite songs from Duncan Sheik. CLICK HERE FOR Barely Breathing

4. I don't think I've ever heard of this store, but ijustine sure likes it. CLICK HERE FOR Harris Teeter World Domination!

5. Here's the latest cover from Alyssa Bernal. CLICK HERE FOR You Belong With Me

6. Here's another great song from Power & White. CLICK HERE FOR Jig Jazz

7. Does anyone else hate the stupid intro Rin On The Rox does before their songs? Anyways, here's a cool Neyo cover. CLICK HERE FOR Part Of The List

8. Reh Dogg was recently interviewed by some local reporter by the name of Terry Sutton. CLICK HERE FOR Interview

9. Kata Hay uploaded a new orginal song the other day. CLICK HERE FOR Far From A Memory

10. My favorite rapper ever is Young MC, and today I happened upon this cool interview he did with a guy called Nardwuar? There's a little freestyle at the end... CLICK HERE FOR Interview

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