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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm On A Broom

Spintown News:
The problems with my YouTube channel seem to be fixed for the most part, so hopefully things will return to normal on here soon. Unfortunately for the past 20 hours or so, I've been sick as a dog. My stomach feels like it's getting it's butt kicked by my kidneys. I had to call off work yesterday, and I'm hoping I can go in later today.

I'm On A Broom
This is an "I'm On A Boat" parody from nayder07.

Birthday Sex Parody
ahmirTV made me laugh with this video. I think a lot of guys can relate to this.

My Space
Here's yet another parody, this time of a Frank Sinatra classic.

If You're Not The One
Pete Simson did a funny spoof of a Daniel Beddingfield song.

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