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Monday, July 13, 2009

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Special

Spintown News:
It's been awhile since I featured some of my favorite singers & dancers from way back when. So today I'm featuring 5 Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis clips. I hope you enjoy them, but on Tuesday I'll get back to posting more current videos.

It Doesn't Get Any Better
My favorite singer of all time (Dean Martin) teams up with my favorite dancer of all time (Gene Kelly) ...what more could you ask.

Singing In The Rain
Long before the above clip, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis took on a Singing In The Rain bit on the Colgate Comedy Hour.

When You Pretend
This is a great segment from the movie Artists And Models.

The Typewriter Song
This is a fairly famous bit from Jerry Lewis. It's from the Colgate Comedy Hour, and the music is by Leroy Anderson.

You'll Never Get Away
"Jerry Lewis hurt his knee and couldn't perform on the Colgate Comedy Hour, so this is what happened in the end."

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