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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Spintown News:
"Kollaboration is an annual talent show event created by a small group of professional young Asian Americans/ Asian Canadians, volunteering their time and skills to bring the vast talents of the Korean American/ Korean Canadian community into the mainstream." Yesterday I included a couple videos from the most recent show, but today I'm featuring 6 more. The 1 lone video that isn't from Kollaboration is a quick review of what happened today concerning Michael Jackson.

Finding Peace
The Day in 100 Seconds.

Behind the scenes with Dumbfoundead, Rubox, Verseatile, Paul Ji Sung Kim.

Advent Children Vs Zombie Hunterz
The next 3 videos are from the dance battles. I'm so glad the video quality from Kollaboration & YouTube have improved the past couple years. Now you get a pretty good look at these b-boys doing their thing.

3D Vs Legion of Doom

Zombie Hunterz Vs Legion Of Doom
And the winners are....

Project Soul Showcase
What? The dance battle wasn't enough for you? Alright, then watch the b-boys from this crew.

Funky Soul
Here's one last hip hoppin' video for you.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Brent Black tweeted this out on Twitter today. This is a great ytmnd... CLICK HERE FOR Twilight Zone

2. Here's a cool track from Power & White. CLICK HERE FOR Hesitation Blues

3. This is the worst I've ever heard someone sing this classic Journey song. CLICK HERE FOR Don't Stop Believin'

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