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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Web Site Story

Spintown News:
I mentioned I was going to start following songfight.org. Well a bunch (22) of new songs about Amsterdam were recently posted. When you get to the BOTR section below you'll notice I didn't link to any of the entries like I do when new Song Fu songs are uploaded. The reason being that all the songs sucked...at least all 15 that I listened to before I gave up hope. It might be worth a look if you're from Amsterdam, but otherwise lets just hope for better stuff next time.

My Song Fu round 3 update is a bit late, but here it is. Berg & Jerry won again, which means they squeeked out a victory in every singe round of the tournament. It also means they will move on to battle a Song Fu Master in the final round. More details on that to come in the next week. Here's the top 10 vote getters for round 3, along with my picks in bold:

1. Berg & Jerry - "Inside Jokes" (101 Votes)
2. The Scribbles - "We Miss You Yeti" (91 Votes)
3. Ian & Melissa - "Quickie" (63 Votes)
4. Caleb Lee - "Don't Sing Along" (48 Votes)
5. Godz Poodlz - "Bomb Squad Girl" (44 Votes)
6. Steve Chatterton - "You Chose To Be A Dick" (41 Votes)
7. Edric Haleen - "Acceptance" (36 Votes)
8. The Perfect Place - "wtfpeople20 (Three Short Stories)" (34 Votes)
9. Gorbzilla - "Minuteman" (29 Votes)
10. Sara Parsons - "I Can't Sleep (Manatee Dreams)" (29 Votes)

Darrell Maclaine - "Song" (25 Votes)
His Name Is Legs - "Swan Song" (15 Votes)

The next list is the total amount of votes that each individual or group got throughout the tournament. It's a shame that Tom Milsom & Caleb Lee missed 1 round of the tournament, because each of them had a chance of beating Berg & Jerry. It's also a shame we didn't get to hear more from Jarrett Heather, Mike Lombardo, AudioMohel & Bobby Matheson. I've really enjoyed most of the material they've came up with in these competitions. If someone missed a round, I included how many rounds they did participate in.

1. Berg & Jerry - 332 Votes
2. The Perfect Place - 233 Votes
3. Ian & Melissa - 216 Votes
4. The Scribbles - 191 Votes
5. Tom Milsom - 181 Votes (2)
6. Caleb Lee - 171 Votes (2)
7. Sara Parsons - 161 Votes
8. Gorbzilla - 155 Votes
9. Edric Haleen - 154 Votes
10. Godz Poodlz - 154 Votes
11. Steve Chatterton - 134 Votes
12. Lex Vader - 124 Votes
13. Jarrett Heather - 106 Votes (1)
14. Denise Hudson - 96 Votes
15. Darrell Maclaine - 92 Votes
16. Caleb Hines - 86 Votes
17. Jutze Schult - 77 Votes
18. Gremlins - 70 Votes (2)
19. Mike Lombardo - 68 Votes (1)
20. His Name Is Legs - 68 Votes
21. Travis Norris - 66 Votes
22. AudioMohel - 57 Votes (2)
23. Jalapeno Habaneros - 49 Votes
24. Richard Clayton Spring - 41 Votes
25. Miles From Nashville - 39 Votes (2)
26. Andrew Thomson - 35 Votes (2)
27. Austin & The Pudaks - 33 Votes (2)
28. Jeremy Pierson - 32 Votes (1)
29. Derrek J. Thompson - 28 Votes (2)
30. "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson - 27 Votes (1)

Web Site Story
This is the first of 3 clips that have to do with a musical. This video is a mashup of geek culture & West Side Story condensed into a few minutes.

Mike Song
This is a tutting routine, done to some Nintendo Wii music.

The PEN Story
To make this the creators shot 60,000 pictures, developed 9,600 prints, then shot over 1,800 pictures again. It's a very well done stop motion video.

Tweet Whore
I've posted about a dozen Twitter songs over the past couple years. This one isn't one of my favorites, but it's extremely popular since it's from YouTuber 'nigahiga'.

Origins Of The Moonwalk
I found this video very interesting. I was familiar with 6 of the people in the video, but hadn't heard of a lot of them.

a Musical
If real life was a musical I think it would be a lot like this video by Ettie Nir.

Here's another number from the musical 'Double Digits'. It was written by Abby Simons (songsfromahat) & Nathan Kersey-Wilson.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Michael Jackson patented a gadget to perform dance magic. CLICK HERE FOR Smooth Trick

2. Besides being super hot, these chicks are talented. CLICK HERE FOR USPDF West Coast/East Coast

3. Shaq failed in the movies, so I guess he's getting ready to become an internet star after he retires from the NBA. First twitter, and now making bad lip dub videos? CLICK HERE FOR Shaq Lip Dubs Akon

4. Here's the latest cover from YouTuber 'jun626', with a little help from YouTuber 'larzgallows'. CLICK HERE FOR Traveling Riverside Blues

5. Sungha Jung posted a cool cover of a classic theme song. CLICK HERE FOR 007 Theme

6. These 2 teenage girls decided to put on a couple bikinis & dance in front of a web cam. CLICK HERE FOR Bikini Shuffle

7. These 2 girls should give dance lessons to the girls above. CLICK HERE FOR Web Cam Dance x2

8. This chick has such a great butt, I can't remember if she actually danced or not? CLICK HERE FOR Buns

9. These next 2 videos don't have much to do with internet music & dance, but I thought I'd post them since they're about Michael Jackson. In this video Hitler finds out Michael Jackson has died. CLICK HERE FOR Sad Hitler

10. This has to be a first for any repo man. He gets kicked in the taint by a Michael Jackson impersonator as he tries to recover a Delorean. CLICK HERE FOR T'aint Your Car Anymore

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