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Friday, July 3, 2009

Turkish March

Spintown News:
Got some more animation sent to me tonight, but I won't get time to take a good look at it until later tonight. The next big Spintown video is getting closer to completion though.

Today I wanted to thank James Jones (AKA JeimusuJones on YouTube). He did a cover I really liked awhile back, but took it off his channel. He was nice enough to send me an MP3 of that cover. Search for him on YouTube, it'll be worth your while.

Turkish March
Vadrum is amazing, and he didn't forget the Mario fans either.

We Can Do It For Love
The Rock-afire Explosion was the coolest band around when I was a little kid, and they still are.

YouTuber 'italktosnakes' made a video for one of her songs.

Mrs. Robinson
This was a great song for Pomplamoose to cover because it's perfect for Nataly's voice.

Joe Jackson, What A Shame
YouTuber 'hexachordal' decided to comment on some Michael Jackson related news with a song.

She's Out Of My Life
Gabe Bondoc pays tribute to the King. "This song was originally written by Quincy Jones with Frank Sinatra in mind... but he [Quincy] changed his mind and gave the song to Michael in order to help him show a different side."

Pop Waffle Vol. 28:
Pop Waffle is still the most interesting way to get caught up with current events.

Best Of The Rest:

1. YouTuber 'AngelicaV1' covers a Charice Pempengco song. CLICK HERE FOR Note To God

2. Another video was recently Buffalaxed! CLICK HERE FOR Indian Superman

3. singindork888 covers a Thriving Ivory song. CLICK HERE FOR Angels On The Moon

4. Lauren Fairweather uploaded an original song yesterday. CLICK HERE FOR Lucky

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