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Monday, July 20, 2009

Pop Waffle 29

Spintown News:
It made my day to see that I was mentioned in the latest version of "Pop Waffle". I should be giving hints real soon about 2 new Spintown videos that will be released in the next month. Might even share some still images from the videos...

Pop Waffle 29
I normally link to or feature new Pop Waffle videos, but this time I'm actually mentioned & quoted in the episode. So what are you waiting for, hit play!

Eric Herman Dance Contest
Eric Herman is giving you a chance to win cash & signed CD's. All you have to do is download his song Ants In Your Pants, record yourself dancing to it, and then post it as a video response on YouTube. Watch the video for more details.

Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up
This is the best Rick Roll video to come out in over a year. Get ready for Nirvana meets Rick Astley...

Videogame Music Video
This is a cool music video featuring many classic game moments & characters.

After Hours
If you're not watching "So You Think You Can Dance" you're missing out. Here's a short film featuring Evan Kasprzak, who is still on the show.

Jonathan Mann
If you're not following Jonathan Mann on YouTube, this video will show you what you've been missing.

Darth MC Hammer
Which is better? Darth Vader doing the Hammer Dance or dancing to Thriller?

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