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Friday, May 13, 2011

Song Fight Review: If I Had One

Blogger has had some technical issues this week, and it had to remove all blog posts that were made yesterday. So this is a repost. It doesn't have links to all the songs like the first post did, but I might come back & add those later.

bgm - Dang, another good yet depressing song. What makes this my favorite song of the fight is the vocals. They just sound so sad & pitiful.

Hip Hop Anonymous - Not much musically, but the performance & lyrics kept me into the song. This is a good example of why I want rap included in SpinTunes. After 2 contests we still haven't had any rappers compete. Well done, you get a vote.

King Arthur - I've listened to this 5 times and can't think of anything bad to say. There's plenty of positives, but stuff I always say about your entries. Love the story telling, performance, etc... So...I'm voting...now moving on.

Graham Parry - I would imagine it's tough to write a good sad song. I think you've done it. I don't know what it is exactly, but your songs take me back a couple decades.

Daring Front - Found the music really interesting, and loved the lyrics. Didn't care for the chorus much, but enjoyed the vocals throughout.

DJ Ranger Den - Vocals are way to low in the mix, but on the bright side I'm pretty sure I understood your lyrics for a change. Remix, do another recording or whatever it is you need to do to get louder...but it's getting a vote even as is.

Berkeley Social Scene - The vocals weren't great, but good enough. The levels were good, which is often something I complain about. The track was just too freakin' long. The lyrics were sparse, and even though I thought it was a good song, it wasn't good enough to hold my interest for well over 5 minutes.

EggNogAdam - Kinda cute I guess. Everyone wants a dinosaur at some point. I enjoyed the simple music & the vocal performance was good. It felt a little odd because the subject matter & lyrics didn't really match the mood of the music.

Jonathan Mann - Nice performance & as usual with your entries the production is great. Lyrically I just didn't get into the song, but it's a solid entry. In a normal fight this would have got my vote, but in my opinion, this was a tougher than average fight.

Tibor - 1 minute is too long for me to wait for the lyrics to start. Once they did I found them pretty dull & too repetitive. Have enjoyed your other recent entries more.

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