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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nur Ein 6: Round 6 Review

If you want to download any of the songs I'm reviewing in this post, there's a link to the Nur Ein site in my sidebar. Check it out for free music. In this round the title was "Kids", and the artists were not allowed to use real instruments.

The Worldly Self Assurance - Did a good job of holding my interest musically throughout considering the limitations this round. Lyrically I enjoyed it as well. Very strong entry, well done.

Paco del Stinko - Couldn't agree more. I'll be sending this to my old boss at the daycare. In a round where not much stood out, the humor in this will help you in my eyes.

Merisan - I'm sorry, but I'm starting to think this vocalist could sing anything & I'd like it. Thought it was sweet, and catchy. Didn't really stand out...but it was good.

Ross Durand - I liked the pacing of this, and kitchen stuff kinda sounded like wind chimes...that was cool. Is this about a movie or something? Sounds familiar, but something I hadn't seen in maybe a loooong time.

Manhattan Glutton - Hey now, I like Fox News...anyways... I thought the music was pretty creative, but didn't really get into the lyrics. They weren't bad, but it's a slow paced song that didn't have anything lyrically that grabbed me to keep me into it.

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