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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nur Ein 6: Round 3 Review

If you want to download any of the songs I'm reviewing in this post, there's a link to the Nur Ein site in my sidebar. Check it out for free music. In this round the title was "Unholy Alliance", and the song had to be a duet.

Billy's Little Trip - Really liked the music in this one & the take on the title was interesting. It wasn't much of a duet unfortunately, so despite being a good song...it's getting knocked down a peg or two in my rankings.

Bram Tant - Songs about rebelling against government or rules are usually not my thing, but I liked the lyrics. The vocal performances let this down, and the music wasn't bad, but it wasn't all that interesting either.

DJ Ranger Den - Sometimes I don't like the mix of Joe & Den's vocals. I think this is the best I've heard them together, and I enjoyed both vocals. I really liked everything about this...aside from the lyrics. It's pretty, but when I can't get into the lyrics, the song will normally fall in the atmospheric category. That means it doesn't get played a lot on my MP3 player.

Frankie Big Face - I enjoyed...most of this. Overall it was fun & quirky, and I thought it was just going to be light fun fluff all the way through. Then at the end (while keeping the same tone) you turn it into a political anti-religion song. If that's the type of song you want I'm fine with that, but you had me in the mood for something else with the first couple minutes of the song. You nailed the challenge though, so props on that.

John Kloberdanz - Man...way to bring a guy down. This needs a new recording more so than any other entry this round. Loved the song, but the static that comes with the female vocalist is annoying as hell. No complaints other than that static.

Jon Eric - No lyrics were posted, and that means no reviews. (Yes...I know it was an instrumental, but I've already said no lyrics = no reviews. I will not be tricked into breaking my own stupid rules.)

Luke Henley - This annoyed me so much that not only do I want to give it a bad review, but I want to go back in time & give you a bad review for your previous song as well. To be fair, 99% of entries in this genre make me feel the same way.

Manhattan Glutton - I generally like humorous songs & one of my favorite Song Fight entries ever is about aliens...but this falls flat with me. I never laughed, and since the humor didn't land it's just an ok song that's really weird.

Paco del Stinko - Nothing grabbed me here...especially the lyrics. It left the same impression that Manhattan Glutton's effort did. Just weird.

Ross Durand - Duet doesn't mean you have to have a 2nd vocalist...I guess. It's sort of what I was expecting, and hoping for though. As a fan of Steve's trumpet, I'm going to find it hard to knock you too much. It's lyrically solid, the performance by both parties is great, and I think it'll be enough to get you through another round.

WreckdoM - So much of the humor attempted this round didn't land with me, but you really had me with the back & forth at the start. I was smiling & chuckling while listening. I didn't really care for the parts where you both came together though. The performances just didn't mesh together well for me, but it's a solid entry.

The Worldly Self Assurance - No lyrics = NO REVIEW FOR YOU!

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