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Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Would Christmas Be Like?

Spintown News:
Work sucked today & I tweeked my bad knee playin' ball. Tired as hell, but still did my searches & posted for you guys....a big ass post at that. My eyelashes hurt I'm so freakin' tired.

What Would Christmas Be Like?
Mia Rose gives us a song for Christmas.....I'd rather have my credit cards paid off, but it's still nice.

Two Dudes On A Motorcycle
Saw a couple dudes riding double this fall. I instantly assumed they were..um..well good friends.

I Have A Million Dollars
Tommy Knox hits a home run again with this little diddy.

Furious Dance All Around The World
You Tuber Athene was nice enough to send me a link to the Furious dance back when I made "Internet Dance 2". So thank you again.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I still like Lena Horne better, but thanks AJ. CLICK HERE FOR Let It Snow

2. Matt Rach has the Christmas spirit, and he's spreading it around. CLICK HERE FOR Matt

3. Venetian Princess gives us a short Christmas song. CLICK HERE FOR A Miley Cyrus Christmas

4. The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre have made a lot of Christmas videos this year. CLICK HERE FOR Little Drummer Boy

5. Is it me or does Jennifer Chung (featuring Singindork888) murder this song....then piss on it's grave? CLICK HERE FOR I'll Be Home For Christmas

6. Last Christmas video for today. We'll finish with AJ again. CLICK HERE FOR Christmas Time Is Here

7. MissCarolinexoxo is usually hit or miss with me, this time it's a just eh... CLICK HERE FOR Paramore Medley

8. A little girl named Arianna decided she wanted to post her Single Ladies dance...might as well everyone else has. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies

9. The Zipster performs a live song. CLICK HERE FOR Whatever Happened To ME?

10. Hank Green does a hexachordal cover. CLICK HERE FOR Four Foot Squirrel

11. DJ decides to do a cover with a bunch of her friends....next time she should find some friends with talent. CLICK HERE FOR Bad Time

12. Kina Grannis does a Beyoncé cover. Hate the song, love Kina. CLICK HERE FOR If I Were A Boy

13. Here's a Ben Folds music video directed by Al Yankovic. CLICK HERE FOR Rockin' The Suburbs

14. Gay black guy does his version of Beyonce. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies

15. Bo recently uploaded this, but I saw it awhile back so I didn't bother featuring it. CLICK HERE FOR High School Party

16. A 'Back To The Future' remix. CLICK HERE FOR Future Is Serious Business

17. A Jonas Brothers cover by Tiffany Jo Allen. CLICK HERE FOR Love Bug

18. Gabe Bondoc does an AJ Rafael cover. CLICK HERE FOR I Just Want You

19. Nataly Dawn does a Queen cover. CLICK HERE FOR Play The Game

20. TheGentleSurprise does a Woody Guthrie cover on a ukulele. CLICK HERE FOR Ingrid Bergman

21. It's time to do it Alaskan Style. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies

22. Chris Moyles singing a Britney Spears 'Womaniser' parady. CLICK HERE FOR Lorry Driver

23. This is an oldie from purepwnage. CLICK HERE FOR World Of Warcraft Is A Feeling

24. This 10 year old boy is pretty cool. CLICK HERE FOR Young Singer

25. I wonder how many street drummers there are in the world. I mean they seem to be everyone online. CLICK HERE FOR Street Skills

26. This chick can dance, but she's only 14 so no drooling guys. CLICK HERE FOR Asian Chick

27. Somebody named Nigel singing an original song. It's in the so bad it's funny catagory, you've been warned. CLICK HERE FOR UFO

28. Saw this on POPTUB today. We needed the show 'So You Think You Can Dance' back in the 80's. CLICK HERE FOR An Average Day In 1985

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