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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Internet Dance 2

It's done & uploaded. Sorry for the delay & missing various deadlines. Things just haven't been going well for me the past 2 weeks, so despite having the video done I didn't get around to uploading or doing much else online. I won't go into details, but there are more important things I've had to deal with.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an original video for this project. I love the original stuff more then all the other clips. However I am very grateful for those who sent me links to old clips that I could edit & use. I'm a big fan of everyone in this video, and everyone I asked to be in it. If you didn't submit a video, but saw yourself in the video hopefully you'll realize it's just fan art not done for any type of profit.

If you would like to be in "Internet Dance 3" please submit a video response to this video on YouTube or contact me on my YouTube channel for details on where to upload a submission other then YouTube & where you should send the link. Submissions need to be at least 5-10 seconds of continuous dancing, with no editing. The more video you send the better.

I've credited everyone at the end of the video, but I'm also going to credit them below the video in this post. Enjoy the video.

Internet Dance 2

The Internet Dance
Here's the fist video I did. The YouTube version was deleted long ago for copyright reasons.

Interne Dance 2 Credits:
Dancers: credited by order of appearance: (* submitted new material)
1. Mosh Girl
2. Hank Green
3. Irate Gamer
4. Nalts
5. The Wine Cone
6. Walt Ribeiro*
7. Joel Cathey*
8. Eric Herman* (animation done by his wife Roseann)
9. MoonwalkerPJ
10. Brian Noe*
11. Maria Sansone
12. Fan Programs*
13. Shay Carl
14. John Green
15. Captain Chuck
16. Retarded Policeman
17. Happy Slip
18. Ed Bass Master
19. browian01
20. aleprechaun
21. Barats & Bereta
22. Brandon Hardesty
23. Marina Orlova
24. Lisa Nova
25. AtheneWins
26. Veronica Belmont & Patrick Norton
27. Ryan Higa & Sean Fujioshi
28. Kozo
29. Lala
30. spricket24
31. Nathan Wills
32. Zadi Diaz
33. ijustine
34. The Computer Nerd
35. devilishlypure
36. Katers17
37. richalvarez
38. Spin*
39. Michael Buckley
40. Ysabella Brave
41. Jay Maynard
42. sweetafton23
43. JKL Production
44. Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, Jeff Cannata & Stephen Koncelik (he edited that clip)
45. Elevator Show
46. Brookers
47. Obama Girl
48. supermac18
49. Kristina Elisabeth Chen
50. Kevin Jumba
51. Jeff Macpherson
52. Chris Crocker
53. Cory 'Mr. Safety' Williams
54. forrestfire101
55. Dave Days
56. Jon Lajoie
57. jawed
58. abbegirl
59. Leslie Hall
60. Link
61. Rhett
62. Randy Constan
63. Mark Mathis
64. Paperlilies
65. Val
66. Denny Blaze (posted a video response to the original 'Internet Dance')
67. David Pregger
68. Luke Johnson
69. NeilCicierega
70. Grace Helbig
71. Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox
72. Charles Trippy
73. Amanda Congdon
74. Mr. Pregnant
75. mememolly
76. Tay Zonday

Music Used:
Jamiroquai - Canned Heat (Main Track)
Nathan Wills - danceFY (Closing Music)

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