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Monday, December 22, 2008


Spintown News:
This post has quantity & quality. I'll be gone until the 30th, so this will be it for awhile. I promise I'll get caught back up, once I get back. The 'Best Of The Rest' is really good today, so don't just watch the 4 featured videos.

No Air
You'll need to start the video on the right first, then start then one on the left when given the cue. It's a pretty cool way to do a duet on You Tube. Props to TheHill88 & cushtv for doing this. Gives me an idea for the next dance montage.

YouTube Doubler

A Merry Gangsta Christmas
Here's a Christmas video from Smosh.

Tutting Session
Moon & PacMan get together & put on a great show. I wish they could have had some closer shots of some of these moves though.

Outside World
Lauren Fairweather is one of the hottest nerd chicks on You Tube. She's also a good singer/songwriter.

Best Of The Rest:

1. ijustine made a short music video about Twitter. CLICK HERE FOR I Tweet Myself...

2. Jarrett Heather playing a piano medley of 13 JoCo songs. It had to be broken into 2 parts due to the length. Part 1 Part 2 Here are the included songs: Still Alive (Intro), Future Soon, Todd the T1000, Mr. Fancy Pants, Skullcrusher Mountain, De-Evolving, Tom Cruise Crazy, Code Monkey, Mandelbrot Set, Chiron Beta Prime (Solo), Re: Your Brains, Over There, Creepy Doll, Still Alive (Reprise) Download Full MP3

3. This is the best video I've seen yet from MissCarolinexoxo, and it's an original song. CLICK HERE FOR OOOO

4. This is why David Choi rocks. He gets his fans involved with the making of his music. CLICK HERE FOR Happiness Is Always Near By the way David Choi finally filmed himself smiling because he reached 77,777 subscribers. CLICK HERE FOR To See David Smile For The First Time On Camera

5. spamjelly shamelessly uses other You Tube celebrities in his video in an attempt to increase his views...how pathetic can you get. :p CLICK HERE FOR You Tube Stars

6. You Tuber coolgeek2751 sings (badly) about the recent bailouts. CLICK HERE FOR That's A Bailout

7. Spaghetti Cat just keeps getting bigger & bigger. CLICK HERE FOR Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You)

8. Playing Toccata et Fugue in D Minor by Bach, on the bottle organ. CLICK HERE FOR Bottle Organ

9. Cute kid puts on a good show. CLICK HERE FOR Gymnastic Child

10. I don't know if Fortune 457 will make it big or not, but they ain't bad lookin'. They can sing as well so good luck girls. CLICK HERE FOR Let's Get Away

11. Here's a beautiful video from Ha Ha Tonka. CLICK HERE FOR Caney Mountain

12. This is a tribute to the different things that were popular during the 1990s. The song is a parody to Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back". CLICK HERE FOR Get Your 90s On

13. Here's another video from Jarrett Heather. I love piano solos & TV theme songs, so if anyone wants to send me links to similar videos they would probably get posted. CLICK HERE FOR I Love Lucy

14. Here's POPTUB's Flight Of The Conchords Lip Dub Contest entry. CLICK HERE FOR DUB

15. Here's a great guitar solo by Stefano Barone. CLICK HERE FOR TCLD

16. Here's an orginal from Pomplamoose. Merry Christmas Jack & Nataly. CLICK HERE FOR Twice As Nice

17. Tiffany Jo Allen is sharing the Christmas spirit. CLICK HERE FOR Santa Baby

18. This is the last video until I get back from Florida. Enjoy & Merry Christmas. CLICK HERE FOR 20th Century Fox Fanfare

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