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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Robot Done Right

Spintown News:
Just been getting ready for my trip today. Sent some stuff to Brent for the song he's writing, then saw I got another mention in a video.

Robot Dancers Nick & Jeppe
These guys just put on a sick show. Jaw dropping...

Fat City Reprise - Long Gone
No Video cameras were used in the production of this music video. It was created entirely from 45,000 Photographs taken by a Nikon D200 DSLR.

Fat City Reprise - Long Gone from Cesar Kuriyama on Vimeo.

Mega Man 2 TITLE With Lyrics
If I could somehow put Brent's songs in the actual games I'd do it.

Been awhile since I featured a hot chick doing a web cam dance.

Hot Chick Bellydances - Watch more Entertainment

Best Of The Rest:

1. AJ gives us another Christmas medley. CLICK HERE FOR Hark The Herald/Angels We Have Heard On High

2. Could you solve a Rubix Cube while break dancing? Or how about a jigsaw puzzle? CLICK HERE FOR Breakdancing Audition

3. Here's an original song by James Wetzel. CLICK HERE FOR ...And the Snow Falls

4. 8 year old banned from playing in bars. CLICK HERE FOR State Silences Young Guitarist

5. This homeless man thinks he should be the next Clay Aiken. CLICK HERE FOR Homeless American Idol

6. You Tuber derekcate is someone I recently subscribed to. Enjoy this cover. CLICK HERE FOR Wonderwall - Oasis

7. 2 mash ups for you today. The first features the Teletubbies. CLICK HERE FOR Mash Up #1

8. The second features Family Guy. CLICK HERE FOR Mash Up #2

9. I just thought this was a cool music video. CLICK HERE FOR You Better Pray

10. This is sort of old, but I still like the video. Sorry about the commercial. CLICK HERE FOR Murs

11. Here's a good instrumental by Sebastien Cloutier. CLICK HERE FOR Syncronicity

12. I actually liked the movie Water World unlike most people. I wonder if that means I'd like the musical. CLICK HERE FOR Musical Teaser

13. Here's a Tommy Knox original. CLICK HERE FOR Wooden Heart SFY4L

14. This isn't new anymore, but somebody sent me the link so I figured I would repost it. CLICK HERE FOR T-Pain & Akon Go To Lunch

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