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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Super Note Contest

I usually don't get into You Tube contest, but this one is right up this blogs alley. Rhett & Link are holding a competition in which multiple people will win a free Theme song for their web site, blog or You Tube account. The first video pretty much explains the contest so I won't get into details. The rest of the videos are from the team captains of this contest...again the whole team captain thing is explained in the first video. But if you enter you'll have to pick a team to join, and these videos might help you decide who's team to join.

Super Note: RhettandLink

Super Note: davidchoimusic

Super Note: nalts

Super Note: peron75 from What The Buck

Super Note: shaycarl

Super Note: ijustine

Super Note: Brookers

Super Note: Katers17

Super Note: charlestrippy

Super Note: edbassmaster

Super Note: TheHill88

Super Note: wickedawesomefilms

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