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Monday, September 29, 2008

Featuring: whateverhollywood

I'm featuring another You Tube channel today. It's getting so that I have to sort through a hundred videos just to get through the people I subscribe to each day. Anyways today I'm featuring videos from whateverhollywood. You should expect music, comedy & hot chicks...I don't know about you, but that's 3 of my favorite things.


Spray Tan Rap

Internet Star

Love At First Bite

Best Of The Rest:

1. I really love piano music, so I had to post this cover of OneRepublic - Stop And Stare by David Sides since it's one of my favorite songs. CLICK HERE FOR Stop And Stare Piano Cover

2. rehdogg must be flying high right now. Attack Of The Show features his channel, and he puts out yet another terrible video. CLICK HERE FOR Drunken Man II

3. Do you know what a Magic Electromagnetic Syntony Sound Box Singer is? Well I didn't, but it's actually kind of cool. Audio quality could be better, but a good idea. CLICK HERE FOR Cool Thingymajigger

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