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Monday, September 8, 2008

This Song is for Willy

Nerdfighters unite to help with this Vlog Brothers song.

Artie isn't one of my favorite You Tubers, but he's pretty popular. So I fugured I'd post this song he recently wrote.

Tin Whistle: Morning Dew (The Boys in the Hood-ies)
I wonder if this is considered gangster in Ireland?

rehdogg - Why Must I Cry
I decided to post another classic video today. This is just as bad as that tina chick, and it makes you wonder how can they not know they're bad?

Sesame Street: Bonus Video #12
In this video, Lexine and Tony Bennett sing about little things. This will also be the last Sesame Street Bonus Video. That doesn't mean I won't post a video from the Sesame Street You Tube channel from time to time though. If you really liked these bonus videos please go to You Tube channel SesameStreet.

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