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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike Hits OHIO!?

That's right who would have thought, and me in the middle of it. Technically of course it wasn't a hurricane at that time, but the wind storm we had on Sunday was from old Ike. We had gusts up to 84 mph, which is unheard of in this area so a lot of damage was done. Enough damage to cause 600,000+ people to be without power the past 2 days, an many will not have power until at least Saturday. The power company sent a lot of it's workers to Texas to help out with damage there, so they were extremely understaffed to handle the damage in their own backyard. We just got our power turned back on this morning so that's why I didn't update the blog yesterday.

We took some minor damage here. Lost some siding, shingles, had a lot of tree limbs down, and other minor things. But some people I know had trees fall into their homes, cars & I saw a transformer blow up at my friends house when a tree hit the powerlines.

Well I had given an update every day this month until Ike, guess I blew my perfect attendance. :p

Today I'm highlighting another You Tube account I recently subscribed to; orenfilm.

Spinning Rainbow!
I used to love the theme from Reading Rainbow, heck I could still sing every word if I watched it today.

I couldn't resist...here's the opening to Reading Rainbow...consider it a bonus video...

Polygamy Wives Exposed!
I like the way those chicks dress. Lets face it most of those chicks need to be covered up as much as possible.

Your Dog Isn't Cute!
I hate people who just assume you won't mind if their dog is allowed around you when you visit. Buy a kennel & use it people...

Miriam & Shoshana
Jewish girls that rap?

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