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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spintown Logo & Theme Song Contest

I don't think I ever mentioned this, but a poster from Fanhost Messageboards created the current logos & banners for this site. However the theme of this blog didn't turn out to be what I had planned in the beginning. So new logos & banners are needed. I decided to see if a Fanhost member or a Spintown visitor would like to design new material. The rules & guidelines are posted HERE!

I will be giving away 3 Jennifer Love Hewitt DVD's as a prize for the best entry. I know it's not much of a prize, but the Fanhost messageboards were sort of created by fans of Jennifer Love Hewitt who also created lovehewitt.com. That's sort of why I picked 3 Love DVD's....that and I can't afford anything really nice. :p

Most of the videos in this update will be from the movies I'll be giving away.

The first movie I'm giving away is "Confessions Of A Sociopathic Social Climber". It was a TV movie done by the Oxygen Network. Alright for a TV movie, but you certainly wouldn't watch this and think it was anything but a TV movie. The clip I'll be sharing is of Jennifer Love Hewitt dancing around changing clothes. The music playing in the background is Dancing With Myself sung by Jennifer herself. The second video is Jennifer covering the same song years ago with someone else you might have heard of...Fergie. This is back when both rising stars were on "Kids Incorporated" together.

The third video is from the movie "If Only". Personally it's my favorite movie she has done, even though most people have never heard of it. In this movie she sings 2 songs. The first is called "Love Will Show You Everything" which is my favorite song she has sung to this point. "Take My Heart Back" is the second song, and is very moving, especially if you watch the movie.

Well that's all for this update, but before I go I'd like to mention the last movie I'll be giving away. "Truth About Love" is probably the worst movie she has done. However I had a second copy laying around so.... :p

Sesame Street: Bonus Video #6
In this video, Bert and Ernie perform "I Got A Song" with Ray Charles.


  1. You have old JLH videos...

    Do you have the rarest ones of all
    ...the REAL promo for "Please Save
    Us The World" from the United
    Nations charity effort in Brazil
    (NOT the re-done "Kids,Inc. version). I've been assured it DOES

    Also,the movie "Shortcut to
    Happiness" has never been released
    (on DVD or cable) in the USA.

    These 2 items are like a Holy Grail of JLH stuff.


  2. I haven't got that Promo, however I'd love to see it someday. I do however have a copy of that movie saved on my PC. Of course I don't have a DVD though...one day maybe it'll be released & someone will post the promo on You Tube or something...