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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm Yours (Kris Mark & Alyssa Bernal)

I recently subscribed to a couple You Tubers who I think have some promise. The first is Alyssa Bernal, and the first video is her singing the Jason Mraz song "I'm Yours". The second is Kris Mark, and the second video is him singing the same cover. The third video is a duet that Alyssa & Mark did together. The last video is another Kris Mark song, this time and original song.

Alyssa Bernal - I'm Yours

Kris Mark - I'm Yours

Alyssa Bernal & Kris Mark - Lucky Duet

Kris Mark - No Labels (original)

Sesame Street: Bonus Video #7
In this video, Smokey Robinson tells Telly to be patient with a song.

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