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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Literal Safety Dance

If you like this "Literal Music Video", then you should check out the interview I did with Dustin McLean. He's the guy that started the entire trend. Click HERE to see the interview.

Neutra Face : An Ode On A Typeface
I've seen more parodies of "Poker Face" then any other song this year.

My Mom's On Facebook
I'm glad most of my family stays away from sites like Twitter, MySpace & Facebook. Heck most of my family couldn't tell you what those places are.

I Loved College
I didn't really care for college, but it is better then pulling a 9 to 5 I guess.

Binder Flipping
This was a great idea for a music video.

Gimmie Dat Bacon
This is a man after my own heart.

Sexy Maliyah Dances
It's videos like this in which I remember how greatful I am for the internet.

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