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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spintown Christmas 2009 #10

Well this should finish up all the Christmas videos for this year. If any more are released late, you'll have to find them for yourself or wait until next year. Christmas starts Dec. 1st at Spintown, and ends Dec 30th. The first video is actually a cool video for New Years, but the other 4 are Christmas leftovers.

Top 25 Pop Songs of 2009 Mashup
This is a great idea for a video. I hope someone does this every year.

Grandma's Christmas Dinner - ASL
Stephen Torrence covers a great Paul & Storm Christmas song.

For Christmas
Meghan Tonjes wrote a new Christmas song.

Ringing Of The Bells
Here's another Muppet video, they've been making a lot of virals lately.

The Christmas Song
Pia Mia does a pretty good job with this song...especially when you consider she's only 13.

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