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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vegas Flash Mob

Shay Carl & KassemG organized a great flash mob in Vegas. Lisa Nova & Mystery Guitar Man also dance with the mob, and you can watch "The Making Of" videos from each of those 4 people by clicking on their names.

I Gotta Feeling Parody
The song sucks, but it's sure easy to parody.

Ex Girlfriends Suck
I stumbled onto Jon's channel by accident, but if the quality of his future videos are this good....I expect a lot of others to subscribe as well.

Enter the Dragon: Inappropriate Soundtrack
I'm thinking about asking the guy that makes these for an interview in the future.

EZ Pass
"This is the video for the UK Dance Version of "EZ Pass." Look for cameos by The Strokes and Mike Schank from "American Movie." Directed by Sarah Price." - YT description

Sex Offender Shuffle
I wish someone would make a video like this for real. Great way to build awareness of the sex offenders around you & embarrass them.

Grease Lightning
The dancing inmates are dancing yet again. If you watch this from the beginning you can learn a little about the history of the program, but the English is so broken I just skipped it.

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