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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Song Fu 5 Round 2 Review

A lot of people didn't send in a song for R2, but there was still over 20 entries. I was disappointed by the challenge in R1, but this challenge was definately better. Here's the description posted by Ken Plume:

"Write a song about a number. It can be any number, and it can be describing or representing anything. The number you choose will be the title of your song. The song can be in any style you’d like. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute."
This time around it was easy to pick my top 4, but there were a couple songs that I couldn't decide between for that 5th vote. In the last round, I think I voted for 3 TMA members. This time it was a TMA sweep, and I voted for 5 different TMA members. As usual the 5 I voted for are below, and I included some honorable mentions as well. I suggest you go vote for your favorites HERE, but only after listening to all the songs for yourself.

Song Fu #5: Round #1: (Right click "Save As" to download MP3's.)
1. Jason Morris - Natural 18 - I had no idea Jason was this big of a dork, but I loved the music, the lyrics & the overall idea for this song which is why it's my #1 for the round.
2. Joe "Covenant" Lamb - 2 - Joe won the first round, and I think this song is definately good enough to keep him in first place for another round. Really catchy with a few laugh out loud moments.
3. Edric Haleen - Zero Point Nine (Ad Infinitum) - Last round I didn't vote for Edric (which is strange for me), but this song has him once again in my top 5. Edric can be summed up into 3 words: Geek, teacher & musical.
4. Godz Poodlz - 3455316008 - I like the idea of this song more then anything. It's a song that only uses lyrics that can be spelled on an upsidedown calculator. The song itself isn't bad, but the idea itself puts a lot of limitations on any type of story. Since the idea was so cool, and since it had a catch beat, it made my top 5.
5. "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson - 300 - This was a tough decision for me. The song made me laugh, but I've never seen the movie it references. I might have liked it more or less had I actually seen the movie, but you don't have to see the movie to enjoy this song.

Honorable Mentions:
Chas Lilly - 10 Things That Made This The Worst Date Ever - I almost voted for this song over Bobby, I really couldn't decide for awhile. I didn't think the idea was that great, but the writing & performance was absolutely amazing. In the end I think I went with Bobby because some of the vocals sounded like they were recorded on a microphone that MacGyver threw together from the stuff in your average junk drawer. The chorus sounded fine, but this needs to be rerecorded because it's a great song.
Josh Holober-Ward - Five - This song finishes strong, that's all I'm saying.
Sara Parsons - 7.5 - I liked the idea of this song, and it was done well. I just happened to like a few others more this time. In my opinion Sara has been consistently putting up good songs though. I look forward to voting for her again soon.
Jonathan Mann - The Number Nine! - In the first round Jonathan posted a video using his song about a week before actual voting started, and I think that hurt his vote count since his fans showed up and there was nothing to vote on. His song from that round definately deserved more votes. This time he didn't make that mistake so we'll see if that helps him. I really liked the music for his current song, but I typically vote for songs that make me laugh or tell a cool story. It was something I could sing, but for me this just didn't have those elements. So far I've liked both of his entries, so I'm looking forward to his round 3 song.

Props to everyone who participated, I look forward to more Song Fu'ness in round 3. Please listen to all the songs, and support these great artists. You can find links to their various sites with their profiles HERE.

She Boogies 345-5316008
Godz Poodlz made this video way after Song Fu 5 ended, but I decided to come back and include it in this post. It's nerdy & wonderful in every way possible.

3 Is An Evil Number
Boffo Yux Dudes created an extremely late shadow entry for this round. It's like an evil "School House Rock" episode.
<a href="http://boffoyuxdudes.bandcamp.com/track/3-is-an-evil-number">3 is an Evil Number by Boffo Yux Dudes</a>

The Number Nine
This is the video Jonathan Mann made for his song.

Peter Benedict made a VideoSong for his Song Fu entry.

Dave Leigh is a new TMA member who follows Song Fu. He hasn't ever entered, but this song was inspired by this round. More proof the only awesome people join TMA.

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  1. Thanks for the encouraging review! I'm glad somebody got what Godz Poodlz were trying to do. There are more and more TMA members in Song Fu. Chas Lilly joined yesterday. All the cool kids are there!