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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today's The Day

Spintown News:
Yesterday was a good day for Spintown. Mainly because I got a video from Meghan Tonjes for an upcoming episode of "Spintown Interviews...". Besides being an awesome singer, Meghan is the most "YouTube famous" individual I've managed to interview yet. So thank you Meghan for helping out one of the little guys.

On Twitter today @nalts (yes that Nalts) dared Zach Scott to subject himself to a Sammy Kablam review. I don't know if Sammy will be doing anything like that, but he should be getting a new camera soon, and I'm looking forward to an upcoming project he has planned.

I updated ALL the pages of Spintown today, so click the buttons at the top of the page for whatever you're interested in.

Today's The Day
Jeff MacDougall (TMA co-founder) is the latest person to cover Inverse T. Clown's song. Who do you think will be next? I'm thinking Godz Poodlz???? Oh, and you can watch my interview with Jeff HERE.

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