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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mario Kart Love Song Cover

I was going to post a really long response to some comments made on my recent blog about the Song Fu voting problems. My back is hurting a bit tonight, so I decided to put that off, and post something shorter. Here's a few items I've been meaning to mention for a little while, and a couple new things to check out. Oh, and I found a great video of my favorite song.

- CLICK HERE to listen to the newest TMA Podcast featuring Sammy Kablam & Joe "Covenant" Lamb.

- CLICK HERE to listen to Walt Ribeiro's latest For Orchestra cover. This time he covers Kings Of Leon's "Use Somebody".

- The Hair Kid made a bootleg remix of Capsule's "Hello" that I enjoyed. I wish he would have made a video for it though. CLICK HERE to listen.

Mario Kart Love Song
Häakon recently uploaded a new cover of one of the greatest songs of all time. Sam Hart wrote the original song of course.

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