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Monday, February 1, 2010

Spintown Interviews...Nathan Wills

Nathan Wills is a songwriter & music producer who has been sharing his talents via YouTube. Nathan has had his music featured by a number of popular YouTubers such as TheMeanKitty, thecomputernerd01, Kassem G, Charles Trippy and more. If you like dance music or something more relaxing to chill out with, you should definately give his music a listen.

Music By: Sammy Kablam
Opening Animation By: "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson
Len Peralta Will Flip Your Face At: Flip Face

Nathan's Profile:
Website: http://www.nathanwillsmusic.com
YouTube Channel: paradigma
Joined YouTube: March 24, 2006
Channel Views: 73,016
Total Upload Views: 183,490
Subscribers: 10,061
Twitter Account: @nathanwills
MySpace page: nathanwillsmusic
Facebook page: Nathan Wills

The Fallout
Nathan made this video with Cory "Mr. Safety" Williams from smpfilms to "show the importance of music in videos."

Cubase SX3
YouTube video description - "Loads of you have been asking about what I use to make music. So I have made video so you can see for yourself."

Collab With Mike Kalombo
In this video Nathan makes music with KlassicMaster.

Zuma Beach - Malibu
Some of my favorite videos that Nathan makes are really simple. He just films a beautiful setting, and lays some of his music over top. It's usually extremely relaxing, and HERE's another colorful example of his work.

The Life Of An Inbred Mountain Cow
This is an animated film from smpfilms. Nathan provided the music, and the voices were provided by a number of well known YouTubers.

Internet Dance 2
I'm not only a fan of Nathan, but I've used some of his music as well. (didn't mean to sound like a commercial for hair replacement) I used one of Nathan's tracks during the credits of this video, and Nathan was kind enough to dance for me as well.

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