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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Love Melvin (1953) & Paint Your Wagon (1969)

Spintown News:
My back is still giving me problems & I'm not feeling so great. So I'm posting something I had already thrown together for such an occasion. It’s just some videos & thoughts about some movies or shows I’ve recently watched…

It looks like the last episode of "Spintown Interviews..." season 1 could be late. I don't expect it to be too late, but I'll upload it as soon as possible.

I Love Melvin (1953)
I watched this the other night & badly wanted to share multiple song & dance numbers with you. Unfortunately I couldn't find much of anything to share of this movie online. I will say that if you get the chance to watch this film you should definately do so. The best part for me was the number "Life Has Its Funny Little Ups And Downs". Starts of with a little girl singing to Donald O'Connor, and ends up being an incredible dance routine on skates. It's not the first time this has been done, but it's still very good.

Debbie Reynolds is incredibly HOT in this movie, and I think I drooled a number of times. She shows real athleticism in the football dance routine, and her & Donald were adorable in "Where Did You Learn To Dance". Besides Donald O'Connor & Debbie Reynolds there isn't much "star power" in this film. Jim Backus is entertaining as a cruel photographer & Robert Taylor makes a quick cameo. This film is extremely short, and honestly I wish they spent a little more time on character development, but it's a fun musical that you won't regret watching. Click HERE to see the trailer.

Jivin' In Be-Bop (1947)
Ralph Brown dances to Charlie Parker's "Ornithology".

Sensations Of 1945 (1944)
The "Queen Of Tap" Eleanor Powell dances with a horse after the Jumpin' Jive Girls do their thing. You can definately see the Nicholas Brothers impact on this routine.

You Can't Have Everything (1937)
A wonderful routine from Tip Tap & Toe.

Smash Your Baggage (1933)
I had never heard of Ace & Eddie before, but these 2 guys were amazing.

Paint Your Wagon (1969)
Clint Eastwood in a musical...yeah...doesn't make much sense to me either. This movie isn't a bad time though, and Lee Marvin was a worthy adversary/friend. My favorite number from this film is "The Gospel Of No Name City" sung by Alan Dexter. This is actually one of my favorite tunes to sing in the car, but I couldn't find a good version of it to share. This is the best video I could find, but I suggest you go download the track on i-Tunes.

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