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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rick Astley Tribute Part 1: Greatest Music Videos

Anyone who surfs the web on a regular basis has probably been rick rolled at some point. However did you know that Rick Astley has made more then a dozen music videos throughout his career? Well here are the top 10 Rick Astley Music Videos.

#10 Take Me To Your Heart

#9 Never Knew Love

#8 Hold Me In Your Arms

#7 Whenever You Need Somebody

#6 Sleeping

#5 It Would Take A Strong Strong Man

#4 She Wants To Dance With Me (Extended Version)

#3 Giving Up On Love

#2 Together Forever
If you've ever heard a Rick Astley song besides "Never Gonna Give You Up" this is probably it.

#1 Never Gonna Give You Up
Sure it may be extremely irritating to see Rick suddenly appear when you were expecting girl on girl porn or someone getting owned trying a backflip, but this is what has made the guy famous.

Videos That Didn't Make The Top 10:
Cry For Help


Move Right Out

The Ones You Love

When I Fall In Love

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