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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hollywood Or Bust (1956)

Recently I stumbled onto a movie on YouTube that I had been wanting to see for a long time, "Hollywood Or Bust" starring Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. For whatever reason you can't find many of their movies on DVD & they rarely seem to be on TV. So it was a real treat to accidentally find the entire movie on YouTube. You can watch the trailer HERE or watch the entire movie HERE.

As with a number of their films this one starts off with Dean being up to no good, and being thrust into a partnership with Jerry. This particular partnership involves a cross country road trip in which they meet a girl (Pat Crowley). Of course the rest of the movie is Dean trying to make headway with the girl & slowly becoming a not so bad guy. During this time Jerry is being Jerry; doing nutty things like fighting a bull, winning thousands while playing craps, etc..etc... The best performance from the supporting cast probably came from the great dane who played Jerry's pet (Mr. Bascomb). A few of Dean's real life kids make screen appearances, including Deana Martin.

The opening reminded me of a Jerry Lewis movie...after the break up. Which is not a good thing, but it turned out to be a pretty typical Dean & Jerry movie....that is a good thing. I've had the soundtrack to this movie for about 10 years now, and I listen to 2 of the numbers all the time. My favorite part of the soundtrack is "A Day In The Country/The Wild And Wooly West". On the soundtrack it's just 1 long number, but in the movie it's broke up into 3 parts. If you play the first 3 videos below you can listen to the entire number. As soon as the number stops on 1 video, pause it, and then start the next.

A Day In The Country/The Wild and Wooly West (Part 1)
This 3 part number features Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Pat Crowley & Mr. Bascomb.

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

It Looks Like Love
This is only a fraction of the song, but this is just a sweet moment & number. Dean & Pat sound wonderful together.

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