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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

YouTube Treasure Hunt #19

Sometimes finding 7 new people to feature each month can be difficult. This month every time I sat down to search YouTube for new talent 99% of the stuff was crap. But I dug & dug...then dug some more, and I found a some individuals I think have some promise. The first person on the list is exactly the type of person I tend to look for. Someone who shows potential in multiple areas, and still doesn't have much of a following. I hope I can get her at least 1 new subscriber (well 2, because I'm subbing her now), and I hope she continues sharing her talents via YouTube.

I normally focus on finding lesser known YouTubers each month, but this month I did so more than usual even. Nobody has more than 500 subs in today's blog.

Unsaid by Jen O'Sullivan (70 subs)

lionwell9 & @lionwell

Zombie Penguin Tango by Lost Alamos: Brian Daniell, Vicki Bynum & Scott Bennett (6 subs)


You by Ricardo Roth (426 subs)


It's Not Me by Natalie Edward (10 subs)

NatalieEdwardMusic & @natalieedward

Far Away by Alexi (103 subs)


Anne by Jennifer Berning (388 subs)
This channel is actually for 2 girls. I suggest you watch Jennifer cover "Fuck You" by Garfunkel & Oates, with her YouTube partner Maria Knoll.

MaryJen93 & @MaryJen93

Piccolini by Rebecca Jane Woodul (6 subs)
It's funny, but I almost featured Rebecca's song "Bloom" last month. And this month, I randomly stumble onto this song.


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