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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spintown's Christmas 2010 #14

I have some good news to report before I get to today's Christmas videos. I started a new Twitter account (which makes 3 total). For those that follow the songwriting contest, you know I have a @SpinTunes account to give people updates about that. My main account was @Spintown and I was using it for personal tweets & for posting blog updates. Well I just started a @SpinBlogs account, which will only be used to post blog updates. So now if you want to follow my personal account without getting blog spam, you can. Or if you just want blog updates, and don't give a shit about my personal tweets...you can have that as well. Either way, you now have a few options in terms of following me & the blog on Twitter. I'll be changing the links in the sidebar later tonight. Now on to the Christmas videos...

Epic Santa Battle
Santa has some bells...

Silent Night by Venetian Princess

Christmas In Jail by Ernie Halter

Christmas Eve by Danna Richards

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