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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spintown's Christmas 2010 #16

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
I decided to make an E-Card including some of my favorite YouTubers. You can head over to Jib Jab to CREATE YOUR OWN VIDEO with your friends & family.

Happy Christmas by Lisa Lavie featuring Lyne Sullivan, Stacy Dudero, Misha Moore, Heidi Jutras, Blair Perkins, Orlando Dixon, Airto Edmundo, Emmanuelle Auger, Laura Broad, Anhayla Stanley, David Choi, Lois Mahalia, J Rice, Maria Zouroudis, Bruce & Daniel (John Lennon cover)

A Very Ke$ha Christmas
Kesha is a stupid name to begin with, it's even worse when spelled with an "$".

This Christmas by DeStorm & Kina Grannis (Donny Hathaway cover)
They were nice enough to offer their cover as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

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