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Monday, November 21, 2011

Song Fight Review: Occupy My Heart

The last fight I reviewed over at Song Fight was titled "Has Been For Years", and my favorite entry was from The HATE Noise featuring Mean Gene Goatee who finished in a tie for 3rd. Tye Lemery took the win, and was also who I had ranked 2nd. Dang...same results as the previous fight. My favorite tied for third last time, with my 2nd favorite taking the win.

A new batch of songs can be found over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round.

My favorites from the fight Occupy My Heart are posted below.

Would Have Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

Jon Eric - Ok...based on what I know of Jon I have to say I disagree with him on most political issues, including those in this song. MESSAGE ASIDE, I thought this was really well done. The music & lyrics held my attention, and he made his message loud & clear. The vocals during the chorus kinda hurt, but this is a great song other than that. Well done.

King Arthur - Nice take on the title, and I enjoyed the lyrics. Musically it wasn't my favorite from you, just felt like it needed more variety.

The Pannacotta Army - Very pretty. I think it needs a bit more of a hook, cause after listening no 1 line really sticks with you. Musically it's pretty, but feels too repetitive...stronger hook might help fix that?

Ross Durand - Before I even listened to this, I put my money on you winning. Just seems like a perfect Ross title. *after listening* Yeah...it's a pretty good bet. Evokes more emotion than most of the entries.

(Head over to Song Fight to listen to these songs.)

The Al Gore Band - I would rather listen to Al Gore ramble about how he invented the internet than listen to this.

Berkeley Social Scene - If they showed you where they lived...why didn't they just let you in to begin with. Why would you have to knock or ring the bell? Wait...after listening farther...I've decided this isn't supposed to make sense. Liked the guitar at the end...during the last minute when you repeat the same 2 lines over & over.

Billy & The Psychotics - If I had walked into my room & heard this, I would have went to my computer to look & see if I had left 2 files playing.

c.layne - Was excited to see you entered a song since I've enjoyed some of your past work, but I had a hard time getting into this. Had some interesting sounds, but in the end I had a hard time focusing.

Dealin' Doug & The Rocky's Autos - I get why you may have wanted your performance to come off like you were in pain or having a terrible time, but in the end it's painful to the listener as well. Didn't really care for the intro either.

Dirge & Sara - In places I think the vocals could be brought up a little. Enjoyed the music throughout.

DJ Ranger Den - Most of the time I didn't really know what the heck this was supposed to get across. (shocking, I know)

dont reply - You're so special that even the kids on the short bus make fun of you.

Elephant Finger Et Le Casio Ensemble Contemporain de Paris - I didn't understand any of it, and the music sounded like something off an Atari 2600 game. You will not be getting the high score in this game.

MC Charlie Oh - Music was dull, and the delivery was just as dull.

Metaluna - Vocals were rotten, really ruined it for me. Music during the chorus was pretty cool & honestly this could be good with a better singer & performance.

Monkey Touchers - Just go away already.

Noah McLaughlin - Strong song even if I'm not a huge fan of the vocals. Some lines felt a little clumsy, but I got the picture at least. Production was good.

Paco del Stinko - Musically this is my favorite song of the fight, hands down. Just rocked. Felt the chorus was a little weak in comparison to the last couple songs you entered. Lyrically there were a few corny lines that were a bit much for me.

Pigfarmer Jr - I think this is a good start, but still needs a lot more. The story is very bland & the song feels like it ends before it really gets going. Liked the guitar & vocals were ok.

PiGPEN - First few seconds felt like the opening of an 80's news program. Lyrically it's not for me. I don't always hate cursing & juvenile lyrics in rap...but there needs to be more creativity if I'm going to have to listen to that stuff.

Sep - Vocals were real bad. Music was dull & the transitions were abrupt.

sonofsupercar - Certainly a different sound than anyone else in the fight. Not all bad, just thought the lyrics were.

Sportswriters - Really liked the music from the get go. Lyrically it didn't always flow well, and a few lines I just didn't care for. For instance: "Well I cleaned up the house cause the house needed cleaning". A bit redundant don't you think? Why else would you clean something if it didn't need cleaning? Jeez you did it again with the trash...cake....keepsakes...sweeping...ok this is just lazy now. And wouldn't a song about someone have a meaning?

State Shirt - Music to trip by. I'm usually not into the atmospheric dreamy stuff.

Tony And Juan And Adam - The 2nd vocalist just needs to shut up. Music was pretty rockin' whenever you were rapping, but not so much when you were. UGH

The Yyarrell Brothers Band - Didn't really care for the lyrics, and honestly whatever sound it is that starts with 1:45 left in the track is kinda annoying. Rest of the music & vocals were ok.

Side Note:
I often make fun of how stupid the titles are in Song Fight. I would like to go on record as saying this title was GREAT. Topical & open to to take in a lot of directions. *looks at the next title* Oh shit...looks like the next one is another stupid one...may be the worst yet.

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