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Friday, November 4, 2011

April In Paris (1952)

April In Paris (1952) has plenty of good & bad in it. It stars Doris Day (who has never looked better) & Ray Bolger (who looks like Ray Bolger). Ray was given this role because it ended a 3 film deal with the studio, and unfortunately there isn't much chemistry because the 2 leads. There isn't much of a supporting cast either, so when Doris isn't singing or Ray isn't dancing...there isn't much to get excited about. At least the musical numbers are well done, and that's really the only thing that saves this picture. You can watch the full movie Trailer for plot details.

I'm Gonna Ring The Bell Tonight by Doris Day & Ray Bolger

April In Paris by Doris Day

Presidential Dance by Ray Bolger

That's What Makes Paris Paree by Doris Day & Claude Dauphin

Here are links to a few other numbers from the film:
I'm Going To Rock The Boat by Doris Day
It Must Be Good by Doris Day
I Know A Place by Doris Day

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