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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nur Ein 12 Round 6 Reviews

Title: Excuse Me
Challenge:  A lipogram - your lyrics may not contain any letter "A".

All the songs from this round can be listened to & downloaded from HERE.


Glenn Case - Best 5 minute song about the Wheel Of Fortune I’ve heard today.  Another great job with the lyrics.  I’m starting to think we should have got rid of the letter “E”, this sounds easy for you.  Then the rapping...you’re just rubbing our face in this challenge like, “THIS IS NOT WORTHY OF ME, BRING ME SOMETHING HARD!”  I probably would have got a little bored if you neglected to mix it up a little, so good call...and well done.

Skub - Your vocals are great, but I’m still of the mindset if you have multiple characters I should hear multiple voices.  The story is well written, no Yoda’s here.  Music was solid, but honestly this round was strong.  Good song or not, something minor like that 2nd vocalist will probably drop you a spot in my rankings.

73 Keep It Beautiful - You were the first song I listened to this round and I’d say we’re off to a fine start.  One thing I was worried about this round is getting a lot of “Yoda-like” lyrics because we’ve basically limited everyone's vocabulary this round.  I was glad you didn’t have that issue.  Overall I thought it sounded lovely (music, singing, lyrics, etc..), and it’s a very relatable song.

Merisan - At this point I’d be shocked if you turned something in I wasn’t impressed with.  For the most part I loved both your vocals together.  I’d love for you to soften a few of those beginning & ending sounds in the words a little verses saying them perfectly at times.  Otherwise...no complaints.

Strangelove - Performance wise you had moments I enjoyed, but it wasn’t consistent throughout the song.  Lyrically & musically nothing really stuck with me after listening the first time.  After a few more listens same thing…  While avoiding the Yoda, some of your lyrics didn’t really flow all that great or left me wanting a rhyme.  You’ve had some strong songs this contest, but in the end, this was a forgettable song for me.

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