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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Nur Ein 12 Round 2 Reviews

Title: Tired of Talking Challenge: Lyric consists of only one sentence.

All the songs from this round can be listened to & downloaded from HERE.

I’m pretty sure we just gave a perfect challenge for Dub Step remixes....

Strangelove - This is exactly what I was hoping to see people do.  You crafted a sentence that could be broken down to use bits & pieces of.  The dance track is a good choice with the lyrical limitations.  I probably would have liked a shorter sentence that wasn’t such a run on, but it worked.  Next step would be to have various versions of the lines.  The rather bland reading of the sentence could later become singing, screaming, whispering or performed any number of ways...but well done.

ROTR - I like the sound, but the sentence is again rather uninteresting.  Great idea using “talk talk talk” as a chorus though.

Merisan - Amazed at your ability to craft a song thus far in the contest.  Not thrilled with the run on sentence as it doesn’t even read well for a run on.  Can’t knock you much for that considering a lot of people ended up in the same boat.  But it’s the only negative thing I can think of.  Was a pleasure to listen to.

Paco del Stinko - I think it would have been better to have the sentence come early in the track verse at the end.  I liked how between the 34-43 second marks your instrumentations gave me a mental image of 2 people having a back & forth.

Glenn Case - Nice little haiku.  Honestly I’d have finished singing after the first time you sang your sentence.  Let the rest of the song be an instrumental.

Berkeley Social Scene - Enjoyed the music a lot, the run on sentence was pretty good.  After the first use of it I would have found it interesting if you had broken it up again instead of repeating it all again.  Make it seem more gibberish like as the more tired you get.  Nice effort overall.

Micah Sommersmith - Of the people who went the run on direction yours sounds like the most traditional song in the bunch.  That and managing to tell a story better than the others is an accomplishment.

Jerkatorium - I was expecting a lot of run on sentences, and you’re the first I’ve listened to that really ran with that idea.  It rocked, and I laughed a bit when you said, “um” and decided to rock a little more.  Was hoping people that went this direction would craft their run on sentences so that fragments could be used again later on & it wouldn’t just be repeated completely a 2nd time, but it was fun for what it was.

Balance Lost - This is about what I thought I’d get from you based on what I’ve heard thus far.  It’s not a bad thing, it’s rather pleasant to listen to.  At the same time I wasn’t really moved in any way, and there’s not much of a story.  Given the challenge though, I can’t really fault you there.  Cool sound.  You’re the first song I listened too this round, and I’m doing the reviews as I listen...so I have no idea where you’ll fall in my rankings yet.

Wendy Wiseman Fisher - This is a tough challenge for you.  I mean it’s a challenge that lends itself to leaning on instrumentals, yet you just got vocals.  However I think this was the catchiest of your entries so far, and it’s not a horrible choice for a sentence.  Something people can relate to, while still being pretty open in terms of what they’re talking about.  I suggest leaving a second or 2 of silence at the end.

73 Keep It Beautiful - I’m not sure how you got the 6 Million Dollar Man to run in slow motion throughout this recording process, but it might just be the best collab of the contest so far.

Nick Soma - While the music was interesting, the sentence you wrote basically says, “Yo I can’t talk now so listen to this..” lol  Except you say it in a way to make it seem deep, when it’s just meta.  Pretty music, but I wouldn't dive into it.

Pigfarmer Jr - Another run on attempt.  The music sounded fine, but I didn’t really care for the lyrics.  I wish more people embraced the limitations this round instead of trying to find ways add lyrics.  That isn’t directed at just you, but most people this round.

Skub - I would say embrace the restrictions, but as you had immunity you should always use that to have fun & do what you want.  If you’re going to bend the challenge you’re doing it at the right time.

Inflatable Vegetables - Ok, I’m very quickly figuring out that this round is going to have to be about a feeling for me.  I knew 1 sentence wasn’t going to lend itself to a great story, but so far the sentences that have been chosen are rather blah…  They should be something that’s going to evoke some sort of emotion since you have so little to say this round.

Cavedwellers - I was beginning to wonder if you had lyrics for a minute.  The music was interesting, but a couple transitions felt odd to me, like around the 16-17 second mark & the 57-56 second mark.  When it comes to your sentence I don’t really make a connection between the musical style & your lyrics.  They just felt tacked on, and that’s a lot of tacks considering the run on you used.

Zed Dead Baby - At the time of me reviewing this, I’m not sure if songs are usually required to have lyrics, but in a round where you’re told to have the lyrics be 1 sentence I’d have to vote to DQ this.  Will have to ask the other judges with more experience in Nur Ein though.

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