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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nur Ein 12 Round 3 Reviews

Title: Regime Change
Challenge:  Two or more guest vocalists, each appearing in a separate section of your song.

All the songs from this round can be listened to & downloaded from HERE.


Skub - Wow, that rocked.  Only entry this round that I found myself bobbin' my head to.  The mood of the lyrics, music & performance all fit perfectly.  Cleverly written, all parties involved meshed together perfectly.  You win.

73 Keep It Beautiful - The kids nailed their lines, well done.  The idea is really funny, and the lyrics did a good job of telling the story.  Can’t find anything to complain about...which is good for you.

Glenn Case - You went above & beyond for this challenge.  4 guest vocalist, and the combination of them all sounded great.  The song itself  was a lot of fun, something that is catchy & easy to sing.  Without getting too political going the direction of Trump was a natural & obvious choice.  Since this is the first song I’ve listened to, I’m hoping not EVERYONE did that though.  This just set the bar insanely high for everyone else this round.

Berkeley Social Scene - All your vocalist did a fine job, I was very impressed.  I think it was a great idea to have 1 vocalist play Trump with the others being the voice of (some of) the people.  The lyrics flowed well, and I only have 1 minor complaint for the entire song…stop beating around the bush & end the song when it needs ended.  Excellent in every other way though.

Micah Sommersmith - This sounds like a mixture of Brian Gray & Inverse T. Clown (both SpinTuners).  That’s not really a bad thing either.  Smart lyrics, accordion, and a little humor.  The guest vocalist did pretty well.  The section Sally sang sounded great, but it was an odd transition.  Her part didn’t even sound like it should be in the same song.

Jerkatorium - Without getting into details of who you’re writing about you widened your audience which is good & bad.  As long as this is meant to be a light-hearted fun song, it’s great.  If it’s meant to be a real protest song you fail there.  Overall I really liked it though.  I’m usually less into the heavy stuff & like the fun shit.  When you opened with Jeff singing I was worried for the next guest vocalist.  Especially when I saw that they both carried large portions of the song.  Jeff was good, but it set the bar really high so I worried the 2nd half would suck in comparison.  Fortunately I was wrong cause Chumpy was up to the task.  Sheri on the other hand...sounded like a robot.  Not sure if you wanted that or if you just had to cover up some really terrible raw vocal tracks.  Either way it couldn’t have sounded worse without those effects.  At least I hope not.  Redo the bridge, but other than that...well done.

Cavedwellers - Rachel’s guest vocals were pleasant, but Michael’s were a little though to listen to.  I was happy you picked a different direction than Trump.  Not that I’m for or against that topic, but nobody wants to listen to 10 songs all saying the same thing.  Lyrically I liked what you did with the verses & the chorus, but the bridges didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the song.  Solid work, but could be better.

Balance Lost - Nice work with the vocalist.  Musically it was interesting & well done.  Lyrically I’m just thinking we have different tastes.  I like telling clear stories, and you seem to be more about feeling & presenting a general picture.  It sucks ranking you lower for something that’s not bad at all, but not something I personally enjoy.  Dems the breaks I guess.

Strangelove - I’m not sure how vital your guests were to any 1 part of the song, so in that regard I’m not as impressed as I was with some others.  I liked that your story was unique in this group.  Didn’t really think I’d be getting a song about a guy fresh off a break-up getting back into the dating scene, but it was very enjoyable.  Probably knock you down a bit in my rankings due to how you used the guest vocalist though.

Nick Soma - Now I know it didn’t say the guest vocalist could be audio clips from other media, so I guess I can let that slide.  That’s straddlin’ the fence in terms of meeting the challenge though.  What bothers me most is that this song screams out for multiple vocalist & you don’t have them.  You wrote 3 characters into your song, and most people don’t have the range to play 3 different people.  I’ll assume you don’t since you didn’t try, and sang exactly the same throughout.  It’s a bit of a pet peeve I guess. I want a different voice for each character when I can, and with THIS challenge even more so.  Recently in SpinTunes the same thing happened with a vocalist who did very well (Ryan Brewer).  Despite his great vocals the song felt shorted by not having a different person for each role.

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