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Monday, May 22, 2017

Nur Ein 12 Round 5 Reviews

Title: Elevator Men
Challenge:  Prominent musical repetition.

All the songs from this round can be listened to & downloaded from HERE.


Skub - Beatboxing, awesome.  Don’t really get a ton of this in these online contests.  WOAH.  You waited over a minute before using any instruments & you were already well on your way to a good review from me.  Then you laid it down.  Man you did a good job of setting the bar high just so you could come over & knock it up again halfway through your song when a lot of songs are getting predictable.  I came into this contest REALLY liking 1 of your past songs...I’m going to leave it with small fanboy crush.

Glenn Case - Musically not really up my alley, but it does set the mood well for your story.  The story is actually the strongest from this round (so far at least, still have 2 more to review), and keeps me interested throughout the song.  In a round without a lot of lyrical details you stand out.

Berkeley Social Scene - God I’m dense.  At first I’m thinking this is a positive song about the elevator guys that actually hit the buttons & shit for you.  Then the snow line & I spend 2 minutes trying to figure out what snow has to do with it.  Not your fault, I’m just not hip with the drug lingo...and as I said I’m just dense.  After I checked the lyrics page & saw the “jonesing” line a lightbulb went off & I enjoyed the song as a whole MUCH more. ;p  Thought your musical hook was really strong.  Well done, strong entry overall.

Merisan - Sounds like something that might play during a montage in a 60’s or 70’s movie.  You know, in a happy montage where everything is right in the world right before all hell breaks loose.  Vocals may be a little to loud in the mix, but really nothing bad to say here.

Strangelove - It starts very abruptly.  I know repetition was part of the challenge, but I’d like a little more story.  Have to admit it turned out to be a bit of an earworm for me.  This could be the Song Fight version of Banana Phone.

Micah Sommersmith - The opening sounds like something from an 8-bit videogame.  Liked the music & vocals were ok.  What I’d like to see done is replacing the last 2 lines of the first verse with the last 2 of the 2nd….then just getting rid of the 2nd verse.  You spend too much time explaining how boring these suits are.  Get it done in 1 verse so your song doesn’t start to get boring.  Then write another verse about the secrets you mentioned in the 3rd verse.

73 Keep It Beautiful - You had me at the start, but eventually I found myself wanting this to continue down a different path story wise.  Really wanted you to explore in more detail these elevator men.  But nothing new is learned about this mysterious cult or their secret floor.  Musically it sounded fine, you just peaked my curiousity & left me hanging.

Balance Lost - You create some beautiful sounds at times, and then at other times it just feels to busy & more like noise.  Mostly beautiful, but yeah, sometimes not.  A bit lost with whatever message you’re trying to convey lyrically, but I’m pretty dense.  Why I like mine more on the nose.

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