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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Nur Ein 12 Round 4 Reviews

Title: A Sense Of The Absurd
Challenge:  Write your lyric around a mondegreen.

All the songs from this round can be listened to & downloaded from HERE.


Micah Sommersmith - Love the idea, and it’s something that I probably would be overly annoyed with if a girlfriend constantly sang the wrong words to songs I knew.  Great job with all the examples.  Musically I wasn’t blown away by anything, but lyrically it kept me entertained.

Berkeley Social Scene - You had me early on with the cheesy first verse.  Creative mondegreens in there.  I do feel like you peeked in the first verse, but that’s not to say the rest of the song wasn’t good.  But the most memorable part for me came early.  Nice work getting the Kool-Aid Man to do the “Oh Yeah” parts.

Merisan - Story kinda bored me, but the performances were great.  Musically it was very cheerful & entertaining right from the start.  You’ve set the bar pretty damn high so far, so even though I’m ranking you high, I was honestly a little disappointed just based on your other entries.

Cavedwellers - Lyrically I was kinda tuned out pretty fast, but musically it was an enjoyable experience.  Hate to admit it took me longer than it should have to get “Each Hidden Die”.  I had to say it out loud a dozen times first.

Glenn Case - Forgive me for not knowing the terminology I should probably use, but the music made the hair on my arms stand up...in a bad way.  I’m not a fan of distorted instruments or whatever effects you were using.  Lyrically I thought you did fine, and it’s fun to see how some of you all are using the same examples here and there at times.  But I can’t really say I’m ever going to want to listen to this again.

Jerkatorium - I’ve liked most of your work thus far, but this one missed the mark for me.  Nothing sit well with me, the music was ok...but the change of pace just felt out of place.  Lyrics bored me, and the only positive was your vocals.

Balance Lost - Didn’t care for the instrumental section towards the end, but enjoyed the music otherwise.  Thought the performance was solid and sold the lyrics in places.

Strangelove - As an ignorant American who knows nothing of cricket, I’m sure some things were lost on me here.  Nothing here really held my attention.

73 Keep It Beautiful - The story is from the POV of someone who is stressing out about his girl possibly kissing another guy...but the music is so slow & chill.  To me this just doesn’t sit right.  The song idea wasn’t bad, but there’s no real conclusion or payoff.  Throw in the fact slow songs usually aren’t my thing and you’re looking at a lower ranking from me this round.

Nick Soma - Vocals killed this one for me.  Not sure I’d have been ok with the lyrics anyways.  Even reading along with the lyrics I got lost in the first verse at 1 point.

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