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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Songwriting Cycle

A few days ago I mentioned something called the White Elephant Music Club. Yesterday I found out about another side project being done by more friends of mine. This one is called Songwriting Cycle, and was put together by Edric Haleen. In short there's a group of musicains, and each one is allowed to give someone else in the group a songwriting challenge. So everyone provides & completes a totally different challenge. If this sounds familiar to you it should...at least if you're a Spintown regular or SongFighter it should.

Awhile back Jon Eric started something called Circle Of Titles and I reviewed it here at Spintown (My Review). It was basically the same idea, the only difference is that Jon decided to have people create song titles like Song Fight. Edric is having people create challenge more like SpinTunes.

Everyone participating in this new project was a participant in SpinTunes #1, but Edric has left it open so that anyone can join in the fun. He has done so by creating bonus challenges. If you were not invited to join in this project (it was invite only), you can complete one of the 2 bonus challenges & have your song posted with theirs. Edric asked if I could upload the songs onto the Spintown bandcamp page, so it looks like that's where you'll be able to get them in the near future.

Side Notes:

...invitations went to people who had NEVER MISSED A DEADLINE in Song Fu/SpinTunes? The cyclical nature of the "album" we're creating kind of requires that EVERY song get done and submitted, to avoid breaking the chain. So -- for this first time out -- I tried to increase the odds of getting 100% participation by starting with people with flawless track records of song submission. (Which meant that there are some people I REALLY would have liked to have involved that I didn't end up inviting!) - Edric Haleen
Edric wanted me to mention that, but I figured it was just easier to copy & paste his words.

I look forward to seeing what the White Elephant Music Club & Edric's Songwriting Cycle will produce. But I really think that anyone interested in this type of thing should join the Song Fight Forums. Even if you don't like how Song Fight has people write songs for provided titles, there are a number of side projects (side fights) that take place. I mentioned Jon Eric's project already, but there are others that could be of interest to people as well. You can join the community without actually participating in the main fights. There are other cool things that pop up in the forums so please...check it out. Not only are there neat projects that get started in the forums, but there's a great community of people with similar interests.

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